Care of Gemstone Jewelry

For Love of a Dog Jewelry's Care of Gemstone Jewelry
Like it or not, jewelry is fragile. Though we make every effort for our pieces to last a lifetime, they do require a bit of care. Even though gemstones are a hardy substance they can break. Even the most durable, like diamonds, sapphires or rubies can shatter with one well-placed blow.
For Love of a Dog Jewelry recommends the following
Store each piece separately in order to reduce tarnishing, as well as so that harder stones don?t scratch softer ones or their settings. The boxes we provide include a cotton liner to prevent tarnishing.

Take off your jewelry when you are playing sports, swimming, or anything very strenuous. Be careful around small children and pets when wearing a long necklace.

Keep your jewelry clean.

Most pieces can be cleaned with lukewarm water and a soft cloth.  This applies not just to gemstones, but especially to the handcrafted sculptures we use as pendants and charms.  Jewelry cleaning cloths and/or any silver polish can be used, however you should realize that these methods should be used on the metal, not the stones themselves. Plus, if your jewelry is plated, eventually polish can wear off the plating.

Ultrasonic cleaners - over time they can discolor the gemstones and can ruin the sculptures we use as pendants and charms.

Using ammonia on opaque gemstones like lapis, malachite, onyx, opal or turquoise. Simply gently wipe these with a moist cloth. Chemicals, even soap, can build up by the absorption of the gemstone and discolor it.

Be careful with your hairspray, cosmetics and cologne around your organic gems like amber, coral, and pearls. These gemstones are very soft and porous.

The best thing you can do for your jewelry is to enjoy it by wearing it.