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A little bit of biography and some photos of our special canine and feline family member.  Yes, we know that there are a few souls missing below, but we'll be adding them as we have time.  Are you looking for information about our horses, donkeys and mules?  They're here (click!).
Yellow Labrador Retriever Puppy Rudy - Santa came early and brought Sue a new yellow Labrador Retriever puppy.  Born on Oct 10, 2010, Rudy fit right into our family immediately.  Yellow Labrador Retriever Rudy Running to Mama

Jeffie - Named after Thomas Jefferson or Jefferson Davis (we'll let you decide depending on your reference to the Mason Dixon line).  May 2006 Gary took me to Dogwood Animal Shelter to look at 3 puppies we spotted on Petfinder.  His mom was a Golden Retriever who had a rendezvous with a traveling man!  Given his frisbe skills, we think daddy was a Border Collie.


Lucy B -  Lucy's mama was a purebred Golden Retriever named Rosie.  Her papa was a very stout, deep chested black Lab who lived down the road.  She is very much my dog - we call her my handmaiden - whereever I am, she is generally snoozing on one or both of my feet.  A southern Virginia girl, she loves her biscuits


Tucker - The night before New Year's Eve in 1997 we heard crying on our front porchl.  What a little bear cub of a puppy!  After a trip to the vet for puncture and other assorted wounds, Gary pronounced him our most expensive puppy!  Little did Gary know that cruciate ligament surgery and subsequent physical therapy was in Tucker's future!  Tucker passed away in October 2012.  We encourage you to fetch Tucker's obituary, as well as our tribute to Tucker, the original Talking Dogs blogger.


Lizzy - Coming home after dark one rainy fall night, we spotted a phantom dog on our lane.  After much calling and searching a beautiful Border Collie decided I might be okay.  She was obviously a stray and had been for some time.  After a bath (she'd had a run in with a skunk or two), burrs and tangles removed, and some rest for her raw footpads, she made herself at home.
Spanky - Silly Spanky who chased his tail in circles when he saw the UPS man!  A black lab mix adopted from a shelter.  We couldn't leave a ladder out... he would climb it!

Sherman - Adopted from an animal shelter, our Golden Retriever / Lab mix.  Shermie reveled in life when we moved from the city to the farm.  He adored baby chicks and geese!


Bennie - I was just going along with some friends who planned to adopt a shelter puppy.  But there was Bennie and the tag on his cage gave him less than a week before he was a goner.  I had no business having a dog right then, but I called every day.  At the "midnight hour" there I was adopting this 3 month old German Shepherd / Doberman mix.  What a character he was!  A three time cancer survivor and amputee, he lived to the ripe old age of 14.  The second photo below is of Bennie and Shermie together on the farm.

Benie & Sherman
on the Farm

Snoopy Sam - A Beagle selected by me as a child, Snoopy Sam was my constant companion and best friend.  Since I'm an only child, I guess you could say he was my brother!  Each year he had fabulous birthday parties complete with hats, gifts, and, of course, birthday cake!

Skippy - Our family's  Cocker Spaniel whose claim to fame was being the pup in our original For Love of a Dog logo.

Blackie Duke - Technically my first dog, Blackie Duke was a black Lab my folks had when I was born.  I guess you could say I loved dogs even in the womb!  This is Blackie Duke at 4 months of age with my mom.
Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole. Roger Caras