The Dog 1934 Poem

This poem, The Dog, is taken from The Book of Dogs
Photographs and Descriptions of the 104 Breeds Recognized by the American Kennel Club  by James Gilchrist Lawson.  Published by Rand McNally & Company in 1934
The Dog
I've never known a dog to way
   His tail in glee he did not feel,
Nor quit his old time friend to tag
   At some more influential heal.
The yellowest cur I ever knew
Was to the boy who loved him true.
I've never known a dog to show
   Halfway devotion to his friend;
To seek a kinder man to know,
   Or richer;  but unto the end!
the humblest dog I ever knew
Was to the man that loved him true.
I've never know a dog to take
   Affection for a present gain,
A false display of love to make
   Some little favor to attain.
I've never know a Prince or Spot
That seemed to be what he was not.
And I have known a dog to bear
   Starvation's pangs from day to day,
With him who had been glad to share
   His bread and meat along the way.
No dog, however mean or rude,
Is guilty of ingratitude.